November 1, 2015

This is the beginning of an account of what has been happening in my life “in plain sight” for decades.  Actually, most of my life it would seem.  I have reason to believe that at some time unknown to me, that I was put into a non-consenting human experimentation program.  In the summer of 2010 after blisters formed on two toes, I removed a small white chip from one toe on my right foot, another larger object from the big toe on that foot, and have had other irregularities on the right foot.  The removal of these objects occurred after the beginning of sleep deprivation torture in April 2010 in my Colorado home, which apparently included the use of directed energy technology and other forms of technology used to disrupt human physiology.  Some of these technologies are public and others are “secret due to national security.”

I was born in 1947 in Wilmington, Ohio.  My father and mother met at Wilmington College and lived on campus in a small trailer community.  The other couples who lived there became their life-long friends.  After graduating they moved to Butler County where my father taught high school science for a while.  My sister was born in Middletown, Ohio while they lived in Butler County.  We eventually moved to Scioto County where my father was raised and his immediate family lived.  My grandfather was in the insurance business.   My father worked in the insurance business with his father.  Mother’s family lived in Adams and Brown Counties, and her father was a farmer.

The Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant was being constructed during this time, and my father took a job there after the plant became operational.  We called it Goodyear Atomic Plant because the Goodyear company operated it.

I’m not sure what year my father started working at the plant, but once he started he worked there until his retirement.  We lived on Route 23 north of Portsmouth for several years, then moved to a rural home near Minford when plans were announced to widen Route 23.  I attended a month or so of first grade at Rosemount Elementary, and I attended Minford school system grades 1-12, graduating in 1965.  The elementary, junior high, and high school were all in the same large building, and that building was torn down some years ago.

There are many unanswered questions about my life, the lives of my parents, the involvement of the Department of Energy (DOE), the military, the intelligence communities, local professionals, and others.  In addition to the non-consenting experimentation, I have been dealing with what I call the “industry of personal destruction” based on the Zersetzen model, used in the United States under the CointelPro umbrella.  Organized, community-based stalking and surveillance.  When you ask questions or seek assistance you get pushback, deception, outright lies, discrediting, and silence.  Many people know about this, but so many people work in the industry and with many others are assisting them, that it has become a large industry of surveillance and life disruption for those of us who are put on “the lists.”

Speaking the truth is not a crime.  Telling the truth is not a mental health issue.  A nation which uses its own citizens for non-consenting human experimentation and lies about it can not legitimately call itself exceptional.  A nation which has veterans homeless on the streets of its cities, drugged in the VA centers, drugged and suffering violent reactions to the drugs while attempting to live “normal” lives after returning from war zones, and which keeps those needing medical treatment waiting for months or years can not legitimately call itself exceptional.

Targeting women, especially older women who live alone is not what an exceptional nation does.  47% of women over 65 live alone, some by choice, others because of circumstances of their lives.  18% of men over 65 live alone.  30 million people of all ages live alone.  That’s not quite 10% of the population, but it’s a lot of people.  We now have an industry in the U.S. that targets some of those people for harassment, bullying, and sanctioned domestic violence.  What’s exceptional about that?

The media should be investigating organized stalking and harassment and non-consenting experimentation.  Mostly they’re not with a few exceptions.  Alternative media has been doing some good reporting about these issues, and their investigative work and reporting is much appreciated.

Congress should be sending clear messages that these activities are not OK, but they are not doing that.  The whistleblowers are now receiving some support in 2015 which is a start, but those of us being tortured in our homes need positive action and assistance.

Here is the legislation Senator John Glenn proposed and presented on the Senate floor in 1997.

Rep. Dennis Kucinich tried to address these issues as well in 2001, but his efforts were thwarted.

President Clinton’s report on the decades of radiation experimentation:            October 3, 1995  Human Radiation Experiments Report can be found in the               C-Span video archives

There is much more to be told.  #ruralrising


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