On Being a Boomer Female

The Boomer women were set up. We’re the Cold War kids who grew up with the new great thing called TV designed to market a bunch of wonderful new products and boost consumerism. The global population is now dealing with the trash from all these products, as well as the pollution of air and water.

Poor people were supposed to have fewer kids. It would seem as if the rich and poor still had/have lots of children while the “Middle Class” cut back. Birth control was available just as we were in our early 20s and teens, so family planning became a talking point. Women could take jobs outside the home while delaying the starting of their families. Not much was said about the long-term effect of The Pill on our bodies or reproductive health. I’m not sure how long I took The Pill. At least 7-8 years. Politicians, who belong to a party that has a lot to say about women’s reproduction, supported birth control publicly because it was part of their bigger hidden agenda. Abortion is a HUGE issue of course. Not sure of the actual numbers in each country, so will have to check on those.

Boomers working outside the home have dealt with busy lives requiring them to juggle their work and home tasks, wife and mother roles, while living in increasingly stressful environments. A significant number migrated from rural living to city or suburb life. 

Vaccinations given to us were contaminated, and instead of telling us, there has been and still is a HUGE coverup. If we had been told perhaps an antidote could have been developed that would have prevented all the cancer in Boomer women. The Boomer generation has lost many men and women to cancer, which did not used to be that common.

Boomer women who did not have children, who are widowed or divorced, and live alone, are being targeted for asset acquisition. It’s part of the evil industries that are operating in this country unlawfully, hidden-in-plain-sight.

All the isms are used to label, so Feminism has never been particularly appealing. to me. It’s another label used by some to identify themselves, while giving those who oppose Feminism a chance to criticize women who are considered to be activists or “too radical.”

TV brought a manufactured culture into our homes. Sports, variety shows, sit- coms, musicals, many types of entertainment shows, plus the news. TV stars became as well-known as movie stars used to be, and the music industry expanded quickly with Rock Stars pulling in huge screaming crowds.

We Boomers have a responsibility to use our position as Elders to speak up about injustice and corruption. The lyric “Cause there’s things goin’ on that you don’t know” from Things Goin’ On by Lynyrd Skynyrd reminds us to listen and question more! mindjustice.org/timeline.htm


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