Hidden In Plain Sight: Several Challenges

Challenge 1: On October 19, 2012, I drove over to Maysville, KY to the medical center where an MRI was done in early 2011.  I called prior to that date to tell them what records I wanted to obtain.  The doctor in Ripley who requested the MRI did not offer to show me the actual pictures of the results.  Long story short, when I put the CD they gave me into my MacBook Pro, it jammed up the CD drive and I could not open the file.

Other procedures at the Maysville medical center included a hearing test and a visit to the emergency room right before Thanksgiving 2011 to get medication.  There were several stalkers present in the waiting area when I visited the ER.  I was having some physical issues which were similar to an earlier condition in 2007, so I wanted to be in preventative mode during the holiday weekend.

When I went in for the hearing consult, the waiting room was full (some of them were there as part of the mobbing strategy).  When I returned for the actual test, no one else was there.  I had a severe choking attack during that testing.

Challenge 2: I have not submitted FOIA requests which I know I need to do.  I ordered a printer to be used with this computer, but it won’t move past the setup phase.  I tried many times.  The programming stops during the setup steps, and I have no one to help me fix it.

Challenge 3: Almost everyone who has helped me in any way has been paid, and some of them have overcharged for the services.

Challenge 4: I spoke in one of the videos about the phone number I found in Bob’s coat pocket in 2008, and the failed attempt to find out whose it was.  One of the other important things that happened was that sometime in the early 90s, about ’92 or ’93, Bob drove to Colorado Springs and supposedly got on a plane and flew to the Naval Academy.  He could have stayed in Colorado Springs area and been at one of the military bases or the AF Academy and I would not have known.  Whether he stayed in CO or went East, he was supposedly visiting the Naval Academy as part of his position as guidance counselor at the HS.  After that trip was when our relationship started to change.

Challenge 5: At least twice the thermostat in the downstairs bedroom “malfunctioned.”  Once when the cleaning person was there, and once when we were getting ready to leave for Arizona.  We had to call the heating guys to come before we could leave on our trip, and we were loading up the car in the garage while they were working on the “malfunction.”  Lots of things happened at our house while we were away on trips, or while I was there alone when Bob was working and traveling.  One incident was a section of window fell out upstairs.  It fell onto the upper deck so it did not break, but how often does a window just fall out of its frame?

Amazon Echo, home alone with NPR on, got confused and hijacked a thermostat

Challenge 6: I recently wrote to Estes Park Medical Center to request my medical records from my 2004 surgery.  Those records have been destroyed and are not available.

Challenge 7: A medical issue in 2010 after I returned to Ohio.  It was probably late June when I drove over to Scioto County (living in Adams Co. then) to visit my mother.  A day or two after that visit, I developed a serious rash on my right arm.  It was an area 3-4 inches long on my forearm.  I used one my meds on it and covered it with a couple of large bandaids, changing the bandaids and re-medicating every day.  It looked nasty, and I didn’t know what it was as I had not put my arm into any weeds at that time.  When it finally healed which took a while, two tiny needle-type pricks were visible, one on each end of the area.  A biological attack of some type?  I do not know, but I know where I was before the rash appeared.

Challenge 8: May 2016….under severe ILLEGAL “silent” sound attack ….who is doing this and who stops ILLEGAL activity?  Who stops sleep deprivation torture?  #IllegalSAPs







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