Hidden in Plain Sight: Agendas

Hidden in Plain Sight: Some Agendas.  Deeply Hidden, Not in Plain Sight: Other Agendas, especially when no consent was obtained from those whose lives are deeply impacted by the agendas.

A lack of ethics by those who participate in the Deeply Hidden, Not in Plain Sight agendas, causes lives to be destroyed.  A lack of empathy, ignoring the pain inflicted on those greatly impacted by the agendas, is troubling to see and/or experience.  It is an extreme form of abuse to force other people to go along with secret agendas.

“Evil, I think, is the absence of empathy.” — Captain G. M. Gilbert, Army psychologist, Nuremberg trials

STILL DETAINED in Guantanamo

Putting profits before people has caused world-wide destabilization.  Putting research and development before ethics and empathy has destroyed many lives of individuals, sometimes families, or groups of people.

We can do better.   People and the Planet before profits.  Ethics and Empathy for the well being of people and animals before R&D.



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